A Series of Found Objects

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Discards & Discovery is a series oil paintings in progress inspired by found objects. The statement below is an attempt to justify the pile of stuff that I refuse to get rid of.

Discards & Discovery —  A rusted hinge. A wilted rose. A tattered piece of twine. A smooth river stone. It’s hard to imagine what these seemingly disparate objects, a.k.a. junk, could possibly have in common. But when paired together in one of the bold oils in this series . . . POW!

The color, texture and intimate beauty of these objects come alive and suddenly an unexpected connection is made. A hidden meaning is found. And renders terms “still life” merely reminiscent. And realism, imaginative, fresh, and innovative.

“McClear juxtaposes the hard and the soft, the fraying and the fresh, the manufactured and the organic…”
                                                                          Tracy O’Shaughnessey, Republican-American, 2018

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