About Brian

Brian McClear is a representational artist who loves the process of painting. Whether he is exploring portraiture or everyday objects, his passion for form and texture is evident. Working mostly in oil, his paintings present the insightful (and sometimes quirky) connections he forms from his subjects to capture a mood or tell a story, express an opinion or comment on a trend, or . . . simply observe something funny.

Currently living and working in Connecticut, Brian grew up in Ohio where he earned his BFA from Columbus College of Art. Upon graduation, he moved to New England where he first built a successful career as a freelance graphic illustrator and then focused his creativity and problem-solving skills to lead the marketing technology arm of one of the leading ad agencies in the nutmeg state. Over his 25-year tenure, he was instrumental in creating hundreds of interactive campaigns for a who’s who of leading brands.

Recently, Brian put down his mouse (except to order art supplies) and stepped away from his computer screen to paint in his studio full time. There you will find him at his easels — he always has two works in progress — exploring shape, surface, color, and connections using bold, intuitive brush strokes.

Brian’s work has received numerous national awards and can be found in private collections and museums across the United States.

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