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Brian McClear | Circle Arts 9th Quarterly Review

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I’m very honored to learn that two paintings have been selected for the 9th issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review — including Riki’s portrait which appears on the back cover.

Foreward (excerpt)
The 9th issue of Circle Quarterly Art Review includes 75 visual artists from around the globe working in a variety of styles and disciplines.

When selecting the artworks for the pages of this issue, my goal was to provide a multiplicity of approaches of bold, distinctive pieces that each show a high level of technique, creativity and uniqueness. In synthesizing the selection to produce a cohesive anthology, I look for unity which may come from obvious harmonies in color, composition, media, concept or context, but most often I find balance in striking contrast. For me, the artworks in this issue could easily be a traveling exhibition or a personal collection that comprehensively describes the story of what art looks like today.

Myrina Tunberg Georgiou, CFA Director

See the work:
Down the Rabbit Hole, 60″x40″ oil on canvas (pg. 22)
Riki, 60″x40″ oil on canvas (pg. 23 and back cover)