"Henry" by Brian McClear | Ink & Oil

“They represent different levels of immaturity in my 20’s [laughs]… As a kid growing up with an authoritarian dad, I always wanted to push against him… And so, thought one day I’m gonna stylize the chassis, I’m gonna get tattoos… I joined Black Flags. I had a $20 bill in my pocket and I walked to Hollywood Tattoo… I walk …


"Sarah" by Brian McClear | Ink & Oil

Sara— The Mother: “I use tattoos as a reminder of the growth I’ve experienced and the way I’ve evolved. I could never regret a tattoo of mine because I love myself. All that I’ve been through, I had to go through to get to where I am now… and to get to where I’m going. My life is a journey …


"Cheryl" by Brian McClear | Ink & Oil

Cheryl — The Phoenix: “I chose tattoos as my form of self expression because they are a permanent reminder of fleeting moments and memories in time. They tell a story that is worn rather than told.” — Cheryl S. Ink & Oil is a series of portraits in progress inspired by people and their art. Once relegated to sailors, combat veterans, and the …


"Emma" by Brian McClear | Ink & Oil

Emma — The Curious: “I am covered with tattoos of the conceptual to the literal, the silly to the memorial, the whim shop-min to the multi year project. There is no other form of art that I know of where the canvas protects the medium. Can you think of a better way to memorialize a beloved soul, remind yourself of a …


Elisa by Brian McClear

medium: oil on linen size: 16″x 22″ status: collection of artist Learn More